Welcome to the 1st Annual International Conference
8th - 10th February, 2019
Thoracic Oncology Imaging
" Integrating Radiology into Oncology Practice "



Lung Cancer screening
Imaging protocol in lung cancer
Radiology Reporting: What the oncologist wants
Staging in lung cancer: Current and future
Response evaluation: Beyond RECIST
Imaging in oesophageal cancers
Lung and mediastinal biopsies
Panel discussions

Who Should Attend ?

Nuclear medicine physicians
Chest physicians
Thoracic surgeons
Radiation oncologists

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1st Annual International Conference, SOIICON 2019
Thoracic Oncology Imaging - "Integrating Radiology into Oncology Practice"

Registration fee includes
Conference kit
Lunch on 8th, 9th and 10th February
SOIICON Inaugural function and dinner on 8th February
RGCON Inaugural function and dinner on 9th February
Daily morning and afternoon coffee/tea.
Access to all sessions and workshops (SOIICON 2019 and RGCON 2019) running concurrently

Organizing Committee


Dr. Sneh Bhargava
Dr. Hemant Patel

Organizing Chairman

Dr. Arvind K Chaturvedi

Organizing Secretary

Dr. Pankaj Sharma
Dr. Bagyam Raghavan

Joint Organizing Secretary

Dr. Abhishek Bansal
Dr. Ekta Dhamija

Scientific Committee

Dr. (Brig) Chander Mohan (Delhi)
Dr. Pankaj Dougall (Delhi)
Dr. Suyash Kulkarni (Mumbai)
Dr. Saugata Sen (Kolkata)

Reception Committee

Dr. K Ramachandran(Thiruvananthapuram)
Dr. Jayaraj Govindraj(Chennai)
Dr. Meenakshi Thakur(Mumbai)
Dr. Bhawana Dev(Chennai)

Registration Committee

Dr. Sikandar Shaikh (Hyderabad)
Dr. Saugata Sen(Kolkata)
Dr. Wasif Wani(Srinagar)
Dr. Binoy Choudhury(Guwahati)

Finance Committee

Dr. Sanjay Thulkar(Delhi)
Dr. Ravikanth Balaji (Chennai)

Inauguration Committee

Dr. Jyoti Arora(Delhi)
Dr. Rishu Singla(Delhi)
Dr. L Murali Krishna(Chennai)

Transport Committee

Dr. S. Avinash Rao(Delhi)
Dr. Sumod Mathew Koshy(Thiruvananthapuram)

Audio/Visual Committee

Dr. Pankaj Sharma(Rishikesh)
Dr. Vivek Mahawar (Delhi)
Dr. Apeksha Shenoy (Delhi)
Dr Manoj Gupta(Delhi)
Mr. Swatantra Tiwari (Delhi)

Accommodation Committee

Dr. Partha S Choudhury (Delhi)
Dr. Rajeev Ranjan (Delhi)
Dr. Brajendra Kumar Singh(Patna)

Message from organizing committee

It is indeed a pleasure to invite you to participate in 1st Annual Conference of Society of Oncologic Imaging India to be held in New Delhi from 8th to 10th February 2019.

The theme of the Conference is “Thoracic Oncology Imaging”

The scientific programme extends to 3 days of intense academic activities with lectures, workshops, panel discussions to proffered poster presentation. Eminent international and national faculty has confirmed participation.

The educational programme will address what the radiologist needs to know as a team member of an oncology practice. It is particularly designed to address the questions that one faces as a radiologist during oncology case discussions. The Conference will address the advancements in the imaging modalities along with current and evolving developments. It will provide a platform to learn from and interact with the experts, which will help the participants in refining their strategies for improved patient care.

We look forward to welcome you in the vibrant city of Delhi in February 2019 for the conference, an honor for us indeed.

Dr. Arvind K Chaturvedi

Dr. Pankaj Sharma
Dr. Bagyam Raghavan
Dr. Bagyam Raghavan

Dr. Sanjay Thulkar

Chairman’s welcome

I feel particularly fortunate to be associated with the first annual meeting of the “Society of Oncologic Imaging India” to be held in New Delhi during February 2019. Having been in the practice of oncologic imaging and intervention for over two decades I have come to recognize the role a radiologist plays in oncology decision making. Many times the opinion of the radiologist has far reaching consequences for the patient and the treating oncologist. It is imperative therefore that as radiologists we are fully aware of the huge responsibility that rests with us. In order to effectively discharge our responsibility there is a need to integrate with the treating team. We need to shift our mindset from reporting imaging studies in isolation to one of participation in patient management. To equip ourselves with the requisite tools a basic understanding of oncology principles becomes necessary. This becomes possible by engaging in regular discussions with oncologists and participation in tumor boards. SOIICON 2019 will provide the ideal platform to develop the skills the radiologist needs to practice in an oncology set up. The “Society of Oncologic Imaging India” was established to recognize and promote “Oncologic Imaging” as an integral component of cancer management. Given the vast sphere of oncologic imaging we have decided to hold theme based meetings. This first annual meeting of the “Society of Oncologic Imaging India” focuses on thoracic malignancies. We are fortunate to have European Society of Oncologic Imaging (ESOI) partner with us in this venture. National Cancer Institute, Malaysia has endorsed this meeting. We are happy to join with RGCON 2019, an annual international event of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre which is being held jointly and concurrently with SOIICON at the same venue with the same theme. This allows free exchange of faculty and delegates across both the meetings. Looking forward to meeting you at SOIICON 2019.

Message from Medical Director RGCI&RC

The advances in imaging have led to the availability of enormous information about cancer behavior. Right from the diagnosis to staging and response evaluation, imaging studies have assumed a central role in management of cancer. I am glad that “Society of Oncologic Imaging India” will focus precisely on the role of imaging in oncology practice. We at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre are very happy to be associated with the first annual meeting of the Society of Oncologic Imaging India at New Delhi. I wish this conference a great success.

Message from Global Focus on Cancer

SOIICON 2019 offers a wonderful opportunity to advance the critical importance of imaging in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Global Focus on Cancer is honored to be associated with this prestigious and valuable symposium. We wish the organizers and participants a most successful conference.


Scientific Agenda

Staging In Lung Cancer
Tissue Sampling in Lung Cancer
X-ray chest - How Relevant in an Era of Cross Sectional Imaging
Reporting a CT/PET-CT In Lung Cancer: expectations of an oncologist
Newer Imaging Technique in Oncology
Basics of Radiation Therapy in Lung Cancer
Lung Infections in Immuno Compromised Patients: Cancer Mimicker
Response Evaluation in Lung Cancer: RECIST and Beyond
Imaging in Lung and Oesophageal Cancers: How Much CT in PET- CT
Post operative Esophagus
PET CT in oesophageal carcinoma-guiding clinical management
EUS: A basic tutorial for radiologist
Lung Cancer Staging-Role of EBUS

Workshop Sessions

Bronchial Artery Embolization
CT Guided Lung Biopsy- Video Presentation
Ablations in Lung Cancer
PICC Line Insertion

Scientific Program

SOIICON- 2019, New Delhi :- Friday 08th Feb Hall-C
Theme: Thoracic Oncology Imaging - " Integrating Radiology into Oncology Practice "
Parallel Workshop sessions with RGCON :- Friday 08th Feb
Surgical Workshop - Hall-A
Radiotherapy Workshop - Hall-B
Pathology Workshop - Hall-B

8:00 AM Onwards Registration
09:45am- 11:10am SESSION -1 Staging and Screening in Lung Cancer
Chairperson Dr. Aida Abdul Aziz, Brig. Chander Mohan, Dr. Saugata Sen, Dr. Ullas Batra, Dr. Sanjay Dhawan
09:45am- 10:00am Ethics In Radiology Investigations Dr. Rajat Sharma
10:00am- 10:20am Staging In Lung Cancer Dr. Helmut Prosch
10:20am -10:40am Lung Cancer Screening:An overview ( including Lung RADS) Prof. Mayil Krishnam
10:40am- 11:00am Reporting a CT/PET-CT In lung cancer : expectations of an oncologist Dr. Ullas Batra
11:00am - 11:10am Discussion
11:10am - 12:40pm SESSION-2 Essentials for a Radiologist
Chairperson Dr. A. K. Anand, Dr. Jayaraj Govindaraj, Dr. Noraini Abdul Rahim, Dr. Ashu Seith Bhalla, Dr. Jyoti Arora
11:10am -11:30am Approach to small pulmonary nodule(s) : Primary or Metastatic Dr. Sandeep Vohra
11:30am- 11:50am Basics of radiation therapy in Lung Cancer: What a radiologist should know Prof. A. P. S. Sandhu
11:50am- 12:10pm Non-infectious pulmonary complications of leukaemia Dr. Ashu Seith Bhalla
12:10pm- 12:30pm Lung Infections  in Immunocompromised patients: Cancer mimicker Dr. Aida Abdul Aziz
12:30pm- 12:40pm Discussion
12:40pm - 1:30pm Inauguration SOIICON
1:30pm- 2:30pm Lunch
2:30pm- 4:00pm SESSION-3 Imaging Insights
Chairperson Dr. S. Hukku, Dr. Sunil Puri, Dr. Sanjay Thulkar, Dr. Binoy Choudhury, Dr. Bhawana Dev, Dr. Anju Garg
2:30pm- 2:50pm Newer imaging techniques in Oncology Dr. Atul Kapoor
2:50pm- 3:10pm Radiomics: A new frontier in Imaging Dr. Marius Mayerhoefer
3:10pm- 3:30pm Chameleons in thoracic oncology Dr. Helmut Prosch
3:30pm- 3:50pm CT and MR Contrast Media in Oncology practice Dr. Akshay Baheti
3:50pm- 4:00pm Discussion
4:00pm- 5:10pm SESSION-4 Response evaluation in Lung cancer
Chairperson Prof. Mayil Krishnam, Dr. L. Upreti, Dr. Partha S. Choudhury, Dr. R Ranga Rao, Dr. L. Murli Krishna
4:00pm- 4:20pm Response evaluation in lung cancer: RECIST and beyond Prof. Mayil Krishnam
4:20pm- 4:40pm Response evaluation : PERCIST Criteria Dr. Pankaj Dougall
4:40pm-5:00pm Response assessment in Immunotherapy Dr. Marius Mayerhoefer
5:00pm- 5:10pm Discussion
5:10pm- 6:20pm SESSION-5 Beyond the Routine
Chairperson Dr. R. P. Tripathi, Dr. Rajesh Gothi, Dr. Raju Sharma, Dr. Pankaj Sharma, Dr. Manoj Gupta, Dr. Ravikanth Balaji
5:10pm- 5:30pm Thoracic emergencies in oncology practice Dr. Bagyam Raghavan
5:30pm- 5:50pm Neuroendocrine tumors of lung Dr. Helmut Prosch
5:50-pm-6:10pm Immunotherapy: Pitfalls and complications Dr. Marius Mayerhoefer
6:10pm- 6:20pm Discussion
6:20pm-7:00pm Panel Discussion Optimizing Imaging protocol in Lung and Oesophageal cancers
Moderator Dr. Abhishek Mahajan
Panelist Dr. Pankaj Dougall , Dr. Robert J.Cerfolio, Dr. R. Ranga Rao, Dr. Harit Chaturvedi, Dr. Helmut Prosch, Dr. Jayaraj Govindaraj
7:30pm Onwards Dinner (Hosted by SOIICON)
SOIICON- 2019, New Delhi :- Saturday 9th February 2019, Hall-C
Theme: Thoracic Oncology Imaging - " Integrating Radiology into Oncology Practice "
Parallel sessions with RGCON :- Saturday 09th February 2019, Hall-A

9:00am - 1:30pm Parallel Sessions with RGCON-2019 Kindly refer to RGCON-2019 agenda
1:20pm - 02:00pm Lunch
02:30pm - 03:00pm Executive Committee Meeting (SOII)
03:00pm - 04:00pm SESSION-1 Special Focus Session
Chairperson Dr. D. C. Doval, Dr. Munish Gairola, Brig. Chander Mohan , Dr. Sikandar Shaikh, Dr. Vineet Talwar
03:00pm - 03:15pm Patient Consent in Interventional Radiology Dr. Sikandar Shaikh
3:15pm- 4:00pm Abstract Paper / Poster Presentation (7 minutes each)
04:00pm - 05:40pm SESSION -2 AI and Deep learning in Radiology (Symposium)
Chairperson Dr. Arvind K Chaturvedi, Dr. Andrew Miller, , Dr. Wasif Wani, Mr. J. P. Dwivedi
04:00pm - 04:15pm Phillips in Oncology Mr. Rohit Sathe
04:15pm - 04:30pm Future of AI in Healthcare: A Challenge and Opportunity Dr. Andrew Miller
04:30pm - 04:45pm Radiomics : Lung Nodule Detection and Characterization Dr. Vidur Mahajan
04:45pm - 05:00pm Imaging, Radiomics and AI in routine radiotherapy practice:Tumor are more than images Dr. Kundan Chufal
05:00pm - 05:15pm Digitalization and the Future of Oncology Mr. Hans Hofstraat
05:15pm - 05:30pm TexRAD Texture analysis of CT in Lung Cancer: Ready for routine clinical use? Dr. Balaji Ganeshan
05:30pm - 05:40pm Discussion
05:40pm - 06:20pm SOII Annual General Body meeting (Members only)
06:30pm Onwards Inauguration- RGCON followed by Dinner
SOIICON- 2019, New Delhi :- Sunday 10th February 2019, Hall-C
Theme: Thoracic Oncology Imaging - " Integrating Radiology into Oncology Practice "
Parallel sessions with RGCON :- Sunday 10th February 2019, Hall-A

8:00:00 AM Onwards Registration
9:00am- 10:10am SESSION -1 Esophageal Cancer Imaging
Chairperson Dr. Shivendra Singh, Dr. Noraini Abdul Rahim, Dr. Pankaj Dougall, Dr. T. B. S. Buxi, Dr. Archit Pandit
9:00am-9:20am Imaging in Esophageal malignancy -An overview Dr. Clemens Cyran
9:20am-9:40am Post op appearances in CA Esophagus Dr. Shabnam B Grover
9:40am-10:00am PET-CT in Esophageal carcinoma-guiding clinical management Dr. Clemens Cyran
10:00am- 10:10am Discussion
10:10am- 11:40am SESSION-2 Random Thoughts
Chairperson Dr. Rakesh Mathur, Dr. Shabnam B Grover, Dr. Brajendra Kumar Singh, Dr. Anil Taneja, Dr. L. M. Darlong, Dr. Anurag Mehta
10:10am- 10:25am X-ray chest in oncology: How relevant in an era of CT/PET CT Dr. Sudhir Sachhar
10:25am- 10:40am How to minimize the risk of pneumothorax in Image-guided thoracic biopsies Dr. Binoy Choudhury
10:40am-10:55am TKI in the treatment of NSCLC: effects and side effects Dr. Sumit Mukhopadhyay
10:55am-11:10am Multimodal imaging in GE Junction malignancy Dr. Diva Shah
11:10am- 11:25am Role of radiologist in lung segmentectomy: A surgeon's view Dr. Robert James Cerfolio
11:25am- 11:40am Discussion
11:50am- 1:05pm SESSION-3 Workshop (Video Capsules)
Chairperson Dr. S. S. Baijal, Dr. G P Vashist, Dr. Vikas Rastogi, Dr. Rajat Sharma, Dr. A. K. Gupta
11:50am- 12:05pm Bronchial artery embolisation Brig. Chander Mohan
12:05pm- 12:20pm CT Guided Lung Biopsy- Video Presentation Dr. Arvind K Chaturvedi
12:20pm- 12: 35pm EUS and EBUS : A basic tutorial for radiologist Dr. Nitin Gupta
12:35pm- 12:50pm Ablations in lung cancer Dr. Suyash Kulkarni
12:50pm- 1:05pm Patient Counseling for Therapeutic Interventions Dr. Arun Gupta
1:05pm- 01:30pm Valedictory
1:30pm Onwards Lunch and Dispersal

Abstracts Submission Guidelines

All Abstracts will be considered & are to be sent for POSTER PRESENTATION.

All Abstracts to be submitted ELECTRONICALLY ONLY (via Online Portal @

Last date for abstract submission – 15th Jan., 2019.

Suitability for acceptance for the conference will be judged by a high-level national scientific committee – judgement of committee regarding acceptance / rejection shall be final and non-challengeable.

File name should be (Your Registration#_SOIICON 2019) while submitting abstract.

Abstracts should not be more than 250 words.

Abstracts should be structured to include the following 4 sections:

  1. Aims
  2. Material & Methods
  3. Results
  4. Conslusions
  • Registration Fee of First 25 Accepted Abstract Submitter will be waived off.
  • As per conference norms presenter has to register for the conference.
  • He/She will be reimbursed the same by cheque / cash / wire transfer after realization of first 25 abstract submitter.
  • You will be notified if you are one of the 25 submitter.

One can submit more than one abstracts.

Abstracts once submitted shall not be available for editing.

Presenters shall be notified of acceptance of the abstract by email.

If the presenter wishes to withdraw the abstract, he/she can do so request in writing to conference secretariat (

All presenters are mandated to register for the conference and to be physically present during the designated poster viewing period.

Kindly use different password while submitting abstract. Do not use the same which you have used for conference registration.

Submit Abstract

1st Annual International Conference, SOIICON 2019
Thoracic Oncology Imaging - "Integrating Radiology into Oncology Practice"


The conference will be held in New Delhi, an exciting, dynamic and welcoming city. In this capital city one can enjoy a rich diversity of culture, museums, art galleries, night-life, gastronomy, shopping and sport. Cosmopolitan New Delhi offers something to suit everyone.

Delhi has the country's best facilities for holding conferences, seminars and conventions - and to support this, a wide range of hotel accommodation is available. The venue selected for this conference is

Crowne Plaza New Delhi Rohini Twin District Centre, Sector 10, Rohini, New Delhi | 110085 | India | 91-11-44884488


Hotel Crown Plaza (5 star)

Opp. RGCI & RC, Sector 10, Rohini, Delhi
011 44884488

Hotel Crowne Plaza

Caspia Hotel

Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi.
011 3981 3444

Caspia Hotel

AP Holiday INN

Sector-15, Rohini, Delhi
92189 21866

Hotel City Park (4 star)

Pitam Pura, New Delhi-110088 (4.5 KM from conference venue)
011 42310101

Hotel City Park

Hotel AM Residency (Budget Hotel)

30, Nishant Kunj, Pitampura (4.5 KM from conference venue)
99104 06220

A&M Residency

Hotel Oasis

Pitampura Main Road, Delhi
011 2731 4649

Things To Do

Delhi happens to be the only city in the world with a unique distinction of having not one but three UNESCO World Heritage sites within its boundaries.

India Gate

One of the largest war memorials in India, surrounded by lush, green gardens on both sides of the road, situated at the centre of Delhi.

Taj Mahal

A 4 hour drive from the venue will take you to The Taj Mahal. It is an ivory-white marble mausoleum on the south bank of the Yamuna river in the Indian city of Agra. It was commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan, to house the tomb of his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

Mughal Gardens

Spread over a vast expanse of 15 acres, Mughal Gardens is one of the most significant historical gardens in Delhi. Mughal Garden is famous for the wide variety of flowers, some of which are rare and extinct.

Akshardham Temple

Counted among the world’s wondrous houses of worship, Akshardham Temple in New Delhi showcases the blend of technical modernity with traditional architectural styles. Covering an area of over 8,000 square meters, the grandeur and wisdom behind the majestic Hindu temple is best when experienced.

Lodhi Garden

Known for its architecture and fresh environment, the Lodhi Garden has always attracted tourists from all parts of the country. A favourite picnic spot and a joy for morning walkers with lots of greenery and trees.

Qutub Minar

Construction on this sandstone minaret was begun in 1192. Surrounded by other historical sites, it is the most popular monument in India. Miniature Souvenir is available at Luv Indiya, 12 B Janpath Market, Connaught Place, New Delhi

These are some of the must-sees that will kick-start the sightseeing and you’re sure to stumble upon plenty of other Delhi treasures along the way.

Learn more about the city from & Ministry of Tourism (Govt. of India)


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1st Annual International Conference, SOIICON 2019
Thoracic Oncology Imaging - "Integrating Radiology into Oncology Practice"

Registration fee includes
Conference kit
Lunch on 8th, 9th and 10th February
SOIICON Inaugural function and dinner on 8th February
RGCON Inaugural function and dinner on 9th February
Daily morning and afternoon coffee/tea.
Access to all sessions and workshops (SOIICON 2019 and RGCON 2019) running concurrently

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